We help in setting up the server software. 

When it is necessary to address us?
  1.  You want to find team the vysokourovneevykh of the experts capable to keep the project and to provide stability and transparency of processes.
  2.  You want to construct process of CI/CD, and there are no administrators with such skills in the state.
  3.  You don't accept a stack of the used technologies.
  4.  You have made online store but at increase in traffic it has ceased to cope with loading and clients leave.
  5.  You have received the serious, responsible project and you want to transfer it to administration to the team of professionals.
All these questions and many others the limb team will help you to solve.

What we work with:
Freebsd, Centos, Debian, gentoo, jail/docker/Vagrant, xen, kvm, vmware, nginx, apache, tomcat, mysql, pgsql, redis, elasticsearch, Mongodb, ceph, gluster, ansible, puppet, chef, capistrano, Jenkins, GitLab, mercurial, gerylog, munin, nagios, zabbix, infinband, fc, DMM(multipah), asterisk, freeswich.

If is questions them can be asked on or to be registered and create the application.

Begin work now. On limb promo code a discount of 90% for services of VDS and FTP